Recent reports suggest that nearly half of all UK business owners are thinking about moving to a new office.

Considering adding an extra layer of protection to your home or business by installing a fire sprinkler system? You’re not alone.

Have you ever spotted a sprinkler system in a multi-storey car park? It’s unlikely.

Hybrid working combines in-office and remote policies to enable staff to split their time between the office and the home.

Take a moment to think about the ways you’re protecting your building or workplace from the risk of fire.

But what is a fire warden? And what do they do?

Your brand is important. But protecting your business is even more important.

Beyond Sprinklers: What’s Needed to Create a Comprehensive Fire Protection System?

In a bid to ensure optimal fire safety at work, a fire risk assessment must be carried out for every organisation.

As you probably already know, not all fires are equal. In fact, there are six different types of fires that can occur in homes and businesses.