Are you a business owner, a landlord, or a facilities manager? If you’ve been searching for fire protection options, then you’re probably already familiar with sprinkler systems and how they work. You already know that sprinkler systems suppress fires, but what other benefits can these systems bring?

Let’s take a look…

1) Sprinkler systems can save lives
Unlike smoke alarms, which are a highly effective way of alerting people to an emergency situation, sprinkler systems take direct action to minimise spread. This makes them one of the best ways to save lives. A study was undertaken by the National Fire Chiefs Council for Protection and Business Safety between 2013 and 2018. This showed that there were no non-residential fire fatalities in buildings with sprinkler installations during this period. In fact, there were only five deaths in sprinkler-enabled homes and apartment blocks.

2) Sprinkler systems can save properties
The UK Fire & Rescue Service states that sprinkler systems are capable of controlling 99% of fires. They help to manage flames, reduce spread, and ultimately minimise damage to properties. Reports show that the average house fire results in between 18 and 21 square metres of property damage. However, that figure is drastically reduced in homes with sprinkler systems, where the average fire damage is under 4 square metres. Protecting properties can facilitate an easier, shorter, and more stress-free recovery period.

3) Sprinkler systems can offer great efficiency
Hollywood has a lot to answer for when it comes to sprinkler systems! Contrary to popular belief, sprinklers don’t trigger in unison across an entire building like they do in the movies. That’s just for dramatic effect. Instead, each head is triggered only when localised heat levels rise above a specific threshold. Research by the UK Fire & Rescue Service confirms that 60% of fires are controlled by the activation of 4 or fewer sprinkler heads. This makes them highly efficient and reduces water damage.

4) Sprinkler systems can minimise fire protection costs
Believe it or not, sprinkler systems are a remarkably affordable way to control fires, and they cost even less to maintain. Cheshire Fire & Rescue states that installing a sprinkler system should cost roughly the same as carpeting the building. They estimate that installation in a new build should equate to roughly 2% of the cost of the build. Sprinkler systems are designed with reliability and durability in mind, so they only need to be serviced once per year to meet the criteria set out by the Loss Prevention Council (LPC).

5) Sprinkler systems can lower insurance premiums
Like dry & wet risers, sprinkler systems could help to reduce insurance premiums. They act as a way of demonstrating that suitable measures have been taken to minimise risk. Cheshire Fire & Rescue claims that, through reduced insurance premiums, a sprinkler system could pay for itself within just 10 years. And you can boost your chances of seeing a reduction in insurance costs. Opt for a sprinkler system that’s been designed and installed in accordance with the widely recognised BS EN 12845 standard.

That’s just part of the story. To discover even more ways that sprinkler systems can bring value to residential, commercial, and industrial settings, get in touch with the experienced Eversafe team today.