Fire Protection & Your Brand

Your brand is important. But protecting your business is even more important.

Every business owner knows this. At the same time, it’s natural to feel concerned about the impact that critical fire protection equipment could have on the look and feel of your premises. After all, you’ve worked hard to build a space that truly reflects your brand message and embodies what you stand for. You don’t want to spoil that with protruding sprinkler heads and a complex pipe network!

The good news is that branding and fire protection don’t have to go head to head; there doesn’t have to be just one winner. In fact, with the right sprinkler systems and dry & wet risers, it’s possible for businesses to care for their employees, protect their space, and enhance the power of their brand.

How? Through strategic design, development, and installation.

Bespoke design

At Eversafe Fire, we’re proud to be LPS 1048 certified sprinkler system designers. This enables us to design and build systems from the ground up that offer maximum protection, with minimal aesthetic impact. What this means is that we’re able to design bespoke fire protection systems that acknowledge, incorporate, and meet our clients’ needs from a visual perspective. Whether it’s pipe routes, sprinkler head positioning, or anything else, we’re able to design systems that work with your space – and with your branding – rather than against them. It’s your fire protection system, your way.

Hidden sprinkler heads

When most people think about the appearance of sprinkler systems, they usually think about the traditional pendent head; the old-style head that protrudes noticeably out of the ceiling. Those are very much a thing of the past. Today, our clients often prefer concealed pendent heads, which are cleverly disguised in two ways. Firstly, by being recessed into the ceiling. And secondly, with the help of a decorative cap. The cap falls away at lower temperatures, in preparation for the head dropping out from the ceiling at higher temperatures as needed. UK Fire & Rescue calls them ‘almost invisible’.

Colour matching

Of course, there are always going to be some parts of a fire protection system that are visible. And in these cases, the best thing to do is to ensure that the bits that are visible complement and enhance your branding. This was something that we encountered when installing a commercial sprinkler system at Moss Bros’ concept store in Woking. While piping is typically red, we were able to adapt this colouring to better match the clothing store’s branding, delivering a network of grey piping that worked perfectly with the brand’s existing aesthetic. Read more about our work with Moss Bros.

Powerful fire protection… zero compromise

The right fire protection is designed to protect your brand, not threaten it. That’s why we always recommend working with experienced designers, manufacturers, and installers who can develop systems that work around your needs, rather than the other way around. Get in touch to find out more about our bespoke design services that protect your people, your space, and your brand.