Sprinkler System Maintenance: The Basics

Sprinkler systems save lives. It’s a fact. The UK fire service even confirms that sprinklers can reduce fire-related injuries by up to 80%, and property damage by 90%. But only if they’re working optimally.

The truth is that, while fire sprinkler systems are hugely effective at what they do, they’re only as good as the people that maintain them. When these systems aren’t cared for properly, there are a number of different things that can happen that may prevent the system from operating during an emergency. These include:

  • Water pipes becoming blocked, preventing the water from reaching the sprinkler heads
  • Water pipes becoming corroded over time and eventually breaking down
  • Sprinkler heads becoming blocked by everyday dust and debris, reducing water output
  • Corrosion in the flow alarm switches, breaking down communications between sensor and sprinkler

The impact of a non-operational sprinkler system can be just as devastating as a fire itself. So it’s absolutely essential that sprinkler systems are serviced regularly to keep them working as they should.

But when – and how – should sprinkler systems be serviced?

Legal requirements

Under the British Standard for Automatic Sprinkler Systems (BS EN 12845), fire sprinkler systems should be serviced by a professional, certified third-party provider every 12 months as a minimum requirement.

But there are situations in which you may need to have your fire sprinkler system checked out before your scheduled service. If you’ve made any significant changes to the layout of the building, for example, it’s definitely worth booking a maintenance visit to determine the impact of the changes on your system.

However, as a property owner, landlord, or business owner, you have a responsibility to keep an eye on your sprinkler systems between these annual maintenance visits. To keep compliant, it’s important that you visually check your system each week, and perform an inspection of the pipework and pipe supports on a quarterly basis. Where possible, a flow test should also be carried out every three months.

Reports show that, when properly maintained, only one in 16 million sprinkler systems will fail.

We can help

At Eversafe, we specialise in comprehensive sprinkler maintenance service programmes. We ensure that any fire sprinklers, dry and wet risers, or other fire protection devices are fully operational at all times.

With our maintenance service, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we’ve…

  • Performed a visual check of all components of your sprinkler system
  • Conducted a flow test to ensure adequate water supply to the sprinkler heads
  • Taken a pressure reading to make sure the water pressure is optimal for extinguishing fires
  • Tested the alarm system to ensure the sprinkler system is activated upon the correct trigger
  • Checked all electrical components and sprinkler system valves
  • Discussed with you any necessary repairs, or the need for a replacement system where needed
  • Provided you with a certificate of servicing for legal compliance
  • Offered our expert, tailored advice and recommendations for creating a resilient fire protection system

To book a maintenance visit from our team of expert service professionals, get in touch with Eversafe. You can contact us via our website, by phone on 01795 713123, or at info@eversafefire.com