Commercial Sprinkler Supply

A commercial sprinkler system is one of the most effective ways to keep your business, your employees, and your clients and customers safe. It will reduce the impact should a fire break out on your premises.

Eversafe Fire Protection is certified as a Level 1 Loss Prevention Council commercial sprinkler installer. We can supply a range of sprinkler systems that are specially designed to minimise risk across commercial sites.

Indoor venues such as shopping centres and retail stores, hotels, leisure facilities, and bars, pubs, and restaurants are often supplied with wet pipe sprinkler systems. These are powered through a mains or self-contained water source. We can also supply alternative systems for sites with enhanced needs.

Dry pipe sprinkler systems are often recommended for unheated or exposed commercial sites, such as covered parking structures. Unlike wet pipe systems, water is not stored in the pipes to prevent freezing over the colder winter months. Instead, it’s pumped into the system when needed to fight fires.

We are also certified to supply pre-action systems for sensitive commercial sites such as museums. This reduces the risk of false alarms, to provide optimal fire safety while simultaneously protecting the site.

With almost two decades of experience in the fire protection industry, we’ve worked with many commercial operations to boost fire safety across their premises. Check out examples of our work to learn more about how we’ve helped businesses like yours through sprinkler supply in Maidstone, Kent.

Keen to protect your business? Eversafe Fire Protection works closely with commercial enterprises across London and the South East. We supply effective fire sprinkler systems from some of the world’s most renowned manufacturers. We’ll ensure your business remains both legally and ethically compliant.

Based in Maidstone, we supply all forms of commercial sprinklers to UK businesses across the country. Contact us on 01795 713123 to learn more about our commercial sprinkler supply services.