Dry & Wet Risers

Keeping fire protection equipment in full working order is not just sensible; it’s also a legal requirement.


Comprehensive fire protection isn’t just about fire sprinklers; we also specialise in the installation of both dry and wet risers in residential, commercial and industrial properties across the UK.

These are systems of pipework and valves, which are often found within high-rise buildings over 18m in height, which allows fire fighting water to be easily delivered to all floors.

Dry Risers are installed in buildings under 50m in height, and Wet Risers are installed in buildings over 50m in height, or less if the access to the building by Fire Services is insufficient.

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School Sprinkler System Serviced in Surrey
Custom Pipework Colour
Hydrant Testing at Canterbury Cathedral

As one of the UK’s leading fire protection companies, we have access to state of the art systems. Our service management system allows our customers to have sight of a full service history of their site and equipment, enables automation of the accounting system to make contract updates quick and easy and allows our engineers to upload photographs of the site and problems from their tablets, using the Cloud-based system.

Based in the South East , we work throughout Kent, London and the UK, providing commercial, residential and industrial clients with the very best in fire sprinklers, dry and wet risers and other fire protection systems.

Our experienced engineers have recently completed installation, maintenance and repair services in London, Canterbury, Maidstone, Ashford, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Oxford, Cambridge, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Bristol, Cardiff, Newcastle and Birmingham.

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