Industrial Sprinkler Supply

An industrial sprinkler is a fire protection system which has been designed for use in warehouses, factories, manufacturing facilities, and construction premises. These systems are most commonly supplied by a sectional water storage tank. Water is pumped directly into the system as required, through the use of electric and/or diesel-powered fire pumps, for an immediate emergency response.

Eversafe Fire Protection is certified as a Level 1 Loss Prevention Council industrial sprinkler installer. We can supply a range of sprinkler systems that are specifically designed to boost safety across industrial sites.

Along with the standard dry and wet pipe systems, we can also supply a selection of niche sprinkler systems. These are tailored in their design and function to protect industrial properties in particular.

They include deluge systems, which spray a continuous stream of water across the entire site. These differ from regular wet and dry systems which are activated only in the area in which a fire has been detected. Deluge systems are especially suitable for sites where fire can spread very easily and very quickly.

Foam sprinkler systems are another speciality of Eversafe Fire Protection. They discharge a foam/water mix which can safely and effectively minimise fire spread in sites where flammable liquids are often present.

Our team works to strict BSEN 12845:2015 guidelines. We can not only supply industrial sprinkler systems, but also install these systems and maintain them to ensure they continue to operate optimally.

We’ve worked with many industrial organisations over the past two decades, helping to boost fire safety across some of the most high-risk sites. Visit our blog to see examples of our industrial supply work.

Based in Maidstone, we supply all forms of industrial sprinklers to high-risk sites across the country. Contact us on 01795 713123 to learn more about our industrial sprinkler supply services in the UK.