Residential Sprinkler Supply

A residential sprinkler system is a legal requirement in all UK high-rise flats and apartment blocks with a top storey greater than 11 metres above ground level. However, due to the effectiveness of residential sprinklers, there is also a growing demand for the supply of these systems to private residences and single-family homes.

Certified as a Level 1 Loss Prevention Council commercial sprinkler installer, Eversafe Fire Protection can supply a range of sprinkler systems specifically designed to boost safety in residential properties.

Wet pipe systems are required for multi-storey and high-rise buildings. Water is continually stored in the system pipework to enable the system to respond quickly to an emergency situation.

However, we also supply alternative systems for single-family dwellings, such as low-pressure water mist sprinklers. These are often recommended in properties where water supply is poor. Eversafe can also supply and install a water storage tank and pump, to improve water supply for a wet or dry system.

Despite the complexity of residential sprinkler systems, installation is much easier than is often thought. Having supplied sprinkler systems to residential properties of all shapes and sizes, Eversafe Fire Protection is experienced in minimally invasive installations. Our team can hide necessary pipework under floorboards, and ensure sprinkler heads fit flush to the ceiling for a discreet appearance.

During our 16+ years in the fire protection industry, we’ve supplied residential sprinkler systems to many apartment blocks, flats, and private homes across London, Kent, and the South East. Check out our blog to see recent examples of our work, and find out more about how we can help you stay safe and secure.

Based in Maidstone, we supply all forms of residential sprinklers to UK homes across the country. Contact us on 01795 713123 to learn more about our cost-effective residential sprinkler supply services.